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Texas's reducer co., LTD

? Texas's reducer co., LTD is a professional engaged in the study of reducer high and new technology and transmission equipment professional company,The main productionGear reducer、Screw lift、Worm gear screw elevator mechanical transmission equipment, etc。My company's products are exported to all over the country,Trusted by the customers,Some products are exported to all over the world。

? Texas's reducer co., LTD is one of the famous reducer factory in shandong,With the international and domestic advanced processing equipment and testing equipment,This company produces the screw lift structure is reasonable、Superior performance、Widely used in metallurgical industry、Mine、Being overweight、Transportation、The oil、Chemical industry、Textiles、Pharmaceutical、Food、Light industry and other industrial departments of speed reducer。Users have a long-term cooperation:Wuhan steel mills、Handan steel mills、Shougang、Anshan iron & steel group casting machine、Double deyang machinery group supporting rolling mill under pressure,Dalian general rubber machinery、Vulcanizing machine、Tilting mixer、Jin Qi printing paper cutter、Steel cooling bed equipment、Marine windlass、Elevator stage、Coal mine monkey car、The mine shaft hoisting machine.....

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Texas's reducer co., LTD
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Texas's reducer co., LTD. Is the production of various models,Screw lift,Ball screw lift,Steering box、Electric putter、Solar rotation drive screw screw lift,Ball screw lift,Spiral screw lift,Worm gear screw lift of professional manufacturers

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